I was born and raised up in Ankara. After attending TED Ankara College High School, I studied at METU Industrial Engineering Department. A while ago I came to Germany for pursuing PhD studies at Karslruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and currently I work as a Principal Research Economist at the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt. My publications, work in progress, and my academic service & activities can be found under the tab ‘Research’. Under the tab ‘Personal’ I added some leisure activities and a short educational bio.

You are welcome to visit my Bundesbank, SSRN, Google Scholar, IDEAS/RePEc, EconPapers, ResearchGate pages for academic research related coverage.

I have a LinkedIn account that helps me stay in contact with friends and colleagues. I also tweet time to time on Twitter, however I should warn that I use both of these media bilingually.

Please feel free to drop me a message below, it would be great to have your feedback!


yalingunduz at yahoo.com

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